Is This Real Life?

Seahawks football. Trivia nights. University of Washington football. 36 hour power outage. Chapel on the Ave. Oregon Football. A new fridge. New friends. New DCEs. Rally day Sunday. Bible studies. Meetings and potlucks….all in 2 months?

Is it real that 2 months here have come and gone in the blink of eye? As of a few days ago, yes!  Some days it feels like I have always been here loving life, while other days it seems like I just moved here yesterday. There are still times when I get lost. I’m still terrible with where things are geographically so half the time when people talk about different areas I still have no idea where they are in relation to other things, but it’s getting more familiar.

I now have found my normal gas station I like to go to, the best place to grocery shop, nice trails with lots of friendly people to run on, and the best shopping a girl could ask for just down the road from my apartment. The struggle is real not to go there all the time!

Internship is nothing like I expected, but in a great way. I look forward to going to work every day. The people that I work with are amazing people. These people have me laughing constantly, and make me feel loved and supported every single day. While no job is always sunshine and rainbows, my experience is that if you have those people who are your rock and support the bad days don’t seem to be as bad.

And then there’s the boy who has completely and utterly stolen my heart. I am so thankful for him every day. Something that was unexpected turned into something amazing. I could go on and on being seriously mushy and gushy but I’ll save that for our families…you’re welcome.

I can’t describe how many times I have seen God working since I’ve been here. From the people I’ve met, to the congregation I work with, to the beautiful mountain hikes I’ve gotten to go on there has always been a moment where I feel God so present with me it’s indescribable. His love, peace, and presence radiate everywhere! Through the good days and the bad days. Through the days when I’m super homesick to the days I can’t stop smiling because I’m so happy, he is always there right by my side. I can’t wait to see how the Holy Spirit continues to work here at Epiphany and through the people I have had the privilege to get to know this far in my internship journey. It’s going to be a crazy rest of the year!


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