Where Your Treasure is…

Thanksgiving has come and gone as today marks the first day of December. How did that happen so fast? I feel like it should still be October. Wishful thinking on my part I guess.

This thanksgiving was my first holiday ever away from my family. It was hard, but I have seen more than ever that God gives you family wherever you are. One of the biggest reasons I was so scared to move here was being 2,000 miles away from the people I love the most. In the gospels it talks about where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Luke 12:34) My family is a BIG chunk of my heart.

I thought moving would take away my family, but it turns out moving added a whole bunch of people to it! While I didn’t get to run the traditional 5k turkey trot with my mom, brother, and sister-in-law, or eat my aunt’s amazing Jung family mashed potatoes, I had a great day with my family here in Washington. I got to take a beautiful walk on the water front looking out at the breathtaking mountains with a boy I love more than words can say. I had a delicious meal with a family who has made me feel like an insider in their family since the day I got here. And as always I watched football. Apparently there is no getting away from a whole day of football games no matter which home I’m at.

So what I’m thankful for most this year is my family. Both of them. My main family back in St. Louis for always being a support, always answering my phone calls, always willing to listen to me complain on the days where I’m really homesick, for talking me through really hard situations when you can’t be with me in person, and for being willing to fly 2000 miles to come and see me. And thanks to the family I’ve gained here. For helping me adjust to life without seeing my parents every day, for taking me places all the time, for picking me up when my car overheats and I’m freaking out cause I don’t know what to do, and for always thinking to include me in things. There aren’t enough words to say how much these people mean to me. So, here’s to family and the love and support they continually give!