Sinking Sand?

When I logged onto facebook this morning I had a “memory” pop up on my newsfeed that made me cringe… and then it made me jealous…then made me angry, at myself. I love the memories that come up in my notifications most of the time, but sometimes it brings back things I would rather just let go.

This picture was of a few years ago when most people would say I looked my best. I mean I was smiling, had my makeup done, was slim, trim and everything our society deems as beautiful, but I was miserable and nobody knew it.

I have a complicated relationship with my body and it is something that I will one day completely concur, but on particularly bad weeks, days, or even hours those old habits creep in so easily. Those negative thoughts come back with a vengeance. So when this picture popped up at first the thoughts that were coming to my mind were things like I am so glad I stopped running myself into the ground and depleting my body of nutrients to look like that and  how sad is it that I thought my problems would be solved with my body being a smaller size. The longer I looked at the picture the more those thoughts changed into you were so much prettier when you were thin, look at how much weight you have put back on since then, and it would be so easy to get back to that weight and the worst one, my family must think I am huge.


Um…no. Stop right there.


These thoughts are a black hole and will bring nothing but trouble. I got angry at myself for so quickly jumping back into the mentality of diet culture. Angry that we as a society put so much emphasis on the outer beauty of a person and do not emphasise the qualities and character of an individual. We get more concerned with looking good than doing good and trying to help others.  

What the world considers beautiful is always changing, but it is not the only thing that changes. New technology, new jobs, new houses, new clothes are always coming out. What is considered the “hot new item” is always changing. When we are continually focusing on what the new thing is and getting more more more I believe we are building our life on sinking sand. When we are focusing on making sure that our outside appearance is up to society standards instead of what is on people’s hearts, I believe there is cause for alarm. Chasing after the newest and brightest thing is like trying to climb out of a hole and the top is always jussst out of reach. It can be exhausting.

So what is the foundation on which we should be building ourselves on? It sure is not outer beauty I will tell you that much. It is not the things the world tells us will make us happy such as money, material things, a career, or the perfect figure.


It is Christ.


The giver of life to all. The one who never changes and never will. The one who loves us enough to give His own life on the cross to pay for our sin so that we may live with Him forever in eternity. That is our foundation friends. God is the only foundation that will never crack, break, or budge. He will never love us less because of our flaws, worries, or doubts. In fact, His love for us is more than any person could dream of loving another person. True joy and peace is knowing that His love will never change.

One of my favorite hymns of all time is My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less. The words tie into this topic so well.


My hope is built on nothing less

Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness;

No merit of my own I claim

But wholly lean on Jesus’ name.

On Christ, the solid rock, I stand;

All other ground is sinking sand,

All other ground is sinking sand.

When darkness veils His lovely face,

I rest on His unchanging grace;

In every high and stormy gale

My anchor holds within the veil.

On Christ, the solid rock, I stand;

All other ground is sinking sand,

All other ground is sinking sand.

(Lutheran Service Book, Pg. 576)


It paints a beautiful picture of the solid foundation that Christ is for us. His grace is unchanging. He is the anchor in the storms of life. I wish I could go back and tell the lost girl in that picture that she was unhappy because she was chasing worldly standards and not focusing on her relationship with God. What a relief for us to know that we do not have to play keeping up the Jones’ to have that secure foundation. Christ and His work on the cross has done the work for us. His life giving work that brings pure joy and everlasting life in every sense of the word and in all circumstances.


Live in that joy.


Not the temporary worldly happiness that comes with material things that are always changing.  


Live your life full of joy because Christ is your strong foundation.


One thought on “Sinking Sand?

  1. This is so well written, Emily. When I first saw the title of your post on FaceBook, I immediately thought of the same hymn – My Hope is Build on Nothing Less! Thanks for sharing this blog Emily. Beautiful words by a beautiful person I am blessed to call a colleague and friend! Thank you!


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